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Project studies with inveox: (1) Customer relationship evaluation & (2) Strategic product marketing

inveox digitalizes and automates pathology laboratories. This increases the safety and reliability of cancer diagnoses while increasing the efficiency and profitability of laboratories. Whether from personal experience or dedication to the underlying technology – everyone...[more]


IDP with Hot Chestnut UG: Develop an innovative web application to revolutionizing the nightlife experience

Hot Chestnut UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a startup from Munich, working on revolutionizing your nightlife experience. While most industries experienced huge changes during the last decades, clubbing and gastronomy has remained fundamentally unchanged. Digitalization simply...[more]


Project study with retorio: Content marketing

Retorio is a young start-up from Munich whose founders are also PhD students at the TUM. The start-up aims to help people to become more self-confident and less anxious in job-interviews or other situations, where you have to present yourself. To do so, retorio is developing the...[more]


Projektstudium mit ZONKEY: Entwicklung einer Marketingstrategie

ZONKEY ist ein Münchner Food-Startup, das einen Drink entwickelt hat: Cold Brew Liquid Cocaine. Dieser wird an Bars und Clubs (B2B) wie auch an Endkunden (B2C) verkauft. Um das Produkt besser zu platzieren, sucht das Startup-Team nach motivierten Studierenden, die ihre...[more]


IDP with LP21: Development of a B2B web application platform

LP21 is an independent specialist closed B2B platform for institutional investors (LPs) and fund managers (GPs). It eases the process of fund of fund investments by streamlining the entire fundraising process from initiation to closing. B2B equity financing is extremely...[more]


IDP with MEDIKURA: Web development in digital health

Did you know that more than 200.000 European citizens die from drug side-effects every year? We develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to capture, communicate and analyze drug-related data provided by patients. Through our online platform, patients...[more]


IDPs with Voodoo-Vision: (1) Image detection & (2) Cloud processing

We’re a brand new tech startup with the vision to revolutionize mobile face analysis. We’re developing an iOS app that will be the first to detect full facial features at a mm-level, put them through a proprietary algorithm, and accomplish new levels of personalization &...


Project study with RideBee: Marketing & Sales

Stresst dich die tägliche Fahrt mit dem ÖPNV oder die hohen Kosten für dein Fahrzeug? RideBee entwickelt eine Plattform für Fahrgemeinschaften unter Berufspendlern und implementiert diese in Unternehmen und Universitäten. Im September 2018 startet unser Pilotprojekt in...[more]


Internship at mobility start-up ViaVan in Berlin/London

Please check for detailed information here.[more]


Stelle als wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in mit Gelegenheit zur Promotion am Lehrstuhl für Strategie und Organisation

Am Lehrstuhl für Strategie und Organisation (Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe) ist voraussichtlich ab 1. Oktober 2018 (vorbehaltlich Projektzusage) in einem durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) geförderten Forschungsprojekt eine Stelle mit Gelegenheit...[more]

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