All information about seminars and lectures of the TUM ERI is available here.


IDP with NEXUP: Data Science & NLP

NEXUP allows you to discover your favorite events, be inspired by your peers and benefit from a reward scheme. Now with the successful completion of pre-seed financing, we are about to go-live and are looking for motivated TUM students to support us on our mission to match...[mehr]


Project study with SYSTEIMQ: Venture & Investment Screening

We offer an exciting project study in the field of Sustainability & Circular Economy with SYSTEMIQ. Focus is Venture & Investment Screening: - Conduct venture screening in the field of Circular Economy (focus Germany)- Derive a business model typology and key market...[mehr]


Project Study: TUMentrepreneurship

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute bietet TUMentrepre- neurship ein Projektstudium im Wintersemester 2019/20 an.[mehr]


Project Study with Robotise: Hospitality Service Robotics

Robotise’s mission is to introduce service robots into people’s everyday lives We are a fast paced and dynamic robotics start up based in Munich, Germany We have customers, the right product and service robots already deployed at clients’ sites In the process of growing our team...[mehr]


CDTM sucht wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

mit Möglichkeit zur Promotion (100%)[mehr]