Project Studies and Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

Project Studies

The goal of project studies is to gain project management experience by working on a specific topic related to a research-oriented or practice-oriented project. Depending on the research or practice orientation, requirements for written projects report differ in breadth and content. Please see the file below for more information.

To apply for a project study as a student, please always send your CV and transcript of record (please send all documents in one PDF). Corporate partner need to attach a project description. We do not consider incomplete applications/requests. 

Project studies at ERI

Information sheet project studies (TUM School of Management)

Contact: Eva Weissenböck


Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

IDPs consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In collaboration with our institute, they combine informatics (practical part) and management (theoretical part). Please see the file below for more information on the IDP structure, application and registration process, and deliverables.


Contact: Eva Weissenböck

Available Project Studies and IDP


Multiple IDPs with QYOBO: Front End Development and Machine Learning

Being a rapidly growing B2B marketplace and analytics platform our goal is to revolutionize deals between pharmaceutical companies through unique insights and process automation. Join us on an exciting journey in close cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies around the...[mehr]


Project study and IDP with Ciara: Startup Market Entry

Ciara provides digital assistants that support professionals have perfect customer interactions. With easy solutions for guided phone conversations, Ciara makes its customers more productive and helps them reach their goals and develop their careers faster. Ciara is looking for...[mehr]


Project study or IDP with Rosenberger: Data Science/ Analytics

Please find more information concerning the project study or IDP below.[mehr]


Projektstudium mit Anpfiff ins Leben e.V.

Der Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. ist im schulischen Bereich der strategische Partner der TSG Akademie, sowie der Junglöwen und des GC St.-Leon-Rot. Das Ziel von Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. ist jugendliche Leistungssportler darin zu unterstützen, zusätzlich zu ihrer sportlichen Entwicklung...[mehr]


Projektstudium mit TUMEntrepreneurship: Die Welt der Start-ups an der TUM

Die TUM ist eine der erfolgreichsten Gründeruniversitäten in Europa. Mit TUMentrepreneurship hat sie ein umfassendes Handlungskonzept zur Förderung von wachstumsorientierten Gründungen ausgearbeitet. Zusammen mit ihrem An-Institut der UnternehmerTUM GmbH bietet sie ein breites...[mehr]


Projektstudium mit Regio-Delivery: Data-Science & mobile App-Development

Über Regio-Delivery: Seit Anfang 2018 haben wir damit begonnen, den Lebensmittel-Markt zu revolutionieren. Mit Hilfe von digitalen Medien und einem innovativem Vertriebsnetzwerk gehen wir “Back to the roots” – genau wissen wo es herkommt und bequem nach Hause liefern lassen....[mehr]


Several project studies with Smokeless: (1) Crowdfunding, (2) Online Marketing, (3) Growth Hacking and (4) Viral Marketing

Every 6 seconds one person dies from the consequences of smoking. That sums up to over 5 million people a year that will leave this planet. We, the 3 founders, share the passion and the vision to use newest technology to change the face of the world. That’s why we have founded...[mehr]


Project Study @Passbase: Business Devolopment, Marketing & Partnerships

Passbase is building the first self-sovereign identity platform backed by verified government documents, linked social media accounts, and biometric signatures. This allows people to securely & privately share their login credentials and verified government documents with...[mehr]


Projektstudium mit Alp.Stars: Online Marketing

Alp.Stars ist ein „Startup Company Builder”. Unsere Mission ist es, Startups zu dabei zu helfen zu exzellenten, stabilen Firmen zu werden. Im 1. Schritt geht es um die Erarbeitung eines „Product-Market“ Fits, im 2. Schritt um die Erstellung und Umsetzung einer...[mehr]


Project studies with Isle of Mind: (1) Social Media Strategy and Influencer Marketing (2) Sourcing and Sustainable Manufacturing Research

ISLE OF MIND is a Munich based early stage start-up creating the world’s best upcycled Multipurpose Towel for traveling, yoga, outdoors and the beach. Each towel is made using 8 recycled PET bottles certified within the Global Recycled Standard. The brand symbolizes a conscious...[mehr]

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