Project Studies and Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

Project Studies

The goal of project studies is to gain project management experience by working on a specific topic related to a research-oriented or practice-oriented project. Depending on the research or practice orientation, requirements for written projects report differ in breadth and content. Please see the file below for more information.

To apply for a project study as a student, please always send your CV and transcript of record (please send all documents in one PDF). Corporate partner need to attach a project description. We do not consider incomplete applications/requests. 

Project studies at ERI

Information sheet project studies (TUM School of Management)

Contact: David Reetz


Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

IDPs consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In collaboration with our institute, they combine informatics (practical part) and management (theoretical part). Please see the file below for more information on the IDP structure, application and registration process, and deliverables.


Contact: David Reetz

Available Project Studies and IDP


Project Study: Business Development with LOEWI

LOEWI erschließt gerade neue Segmente im Profisport! Eine einzigartige Chance, Ownership zu übernehmen und ein Marktsegment im Profisport von Konzeption bis Markteintritt aktiv mitzugestalten![mehr]


IDP with Limehome

The vision of Limehome is to offer design apartments that feel like home to our customers while being able to rely on the quality of a hotel. Right now we’re offering places at 14 locations in Germany. With our tech DNA we want to transform one of the oldest industries and push...[mehr]


IDP with Gut Feeling

Willst Du mit Deinem Know-How nicht nur irgendwelche namenlosen Business-Applikationen bauen, sondern mit aktuellster Technologie Menschen helfen? Dann mach mit und verbessere das Leben von 40 % aller Deutschen, die an Verdauungs- und Stoffwechselproblemen leiden. Wir...[mehr]


IDP with ist eine LegalTech-Plattform für digitale Rechtsberatung mit Firmensitz in München. Wir helfen Mittelständlern, erstklassige und vorselektierte Anwälte zu finden und mit ihnen digital zusammenzuarbeiten. Unsere Plattform paart tiefes Spezialistenwissen mit...[mehr]


Project Study with IMP

IMP versteht sich als Co-Innovator, der Unternehmen auf ihrem Weg zu disruptiven Geschäftslogiken begleitet. Dafür wurde IMP von der CAPITAL als Hidden Champion 2018 in der Kategorie „Disruption“ ausgezeichnet. In unserem Inkubator "IMP incubate!" gründen wir seit...[mehr]


IDP with Hot Chestnut: Revolutionizing the nightlife experience for everyone

Hot Chestnut UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a startup from Munich working on revolutionizing your nightlife experience. While most industries have experienced huge changes during the last decades, clubbing and gastronomy have remained fundamentally unchanged. Digitalization simply...[mehr]


Project Study: Business Model Development and Marketing

Haptic anatomical models support surgical education, patient communication and enable medical advancements. The need for remote training opportunities on various pathologies is strongly increasing. Based on the results of a three-year industrial research collaboration, we are...[mehr]


IDPs with QYOBO: Front End Development and Machine Learning

Being a rapidly growing B2B marketplace and analytics platform our goal is to revolutionize deals between pharmaceutical companies through unique insights and process automation. Join us on an exciting journey in close cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies around the...[mehr]


IDP with Eventmatch

Eventmatch offers you many 2-for-1 deals at Restaurants, Bars or freetime locations in your city. Besides, our app allows you to meet up with other people to benefit from the deals together. Enjoy tasty dishes, save lots of money and make new friends! If that‘s something you...[mehr]


Project Study with

Watch sports your way? Join us for this Project Study!

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