Multiple project studies with Smokeless: (1) Crowdfunding, (2) Online Marketing, (3) Growth Hacking and (4) Viral Marketing


Every 6 seconds one person dies from the consequences of smoking. That sums up to over 5 million people a year that will leave this planet. We, the 3 founders, share the passion and the vision to use newest technology to change the face of the world. That’s why we have founded Smokeless – a totally new and disrupting solution that will revolutionize the medical sector.

Smokeless is the first solution worldwide that based on smart technology can conquer smoking addiction. Our solution consists of a cool hardware- as well as a software part in form of an app. We are supported by big names like Hubert Burda Media, UnternehmertumX, Xpreneurs or famous founders like Jeff Burton (EA Sports) and many more.

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