Project Studies and Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

Project Studies

The goal of project studies is to gain project management experience by working on a specific topic related to a research-oriented or practice-oriented project. Depending on the research or practice orientation, requirements for written projects report differ in breadth and content. Please see the file below for more information.

To apply for a project study as a student, please always send your CV and transcript of record (please send all documents in one PDF). Corporate partner need to attach a project description. We do not consider incomplete applications/requests. 

Project studies at ERI

Information sheet project studies (TUM School of Management)

Contact: Eva Weissenböck


Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

IDPs consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In collaboration with our institute, they combine informatics (practical part) and management (theoretical part). Please see the file below for more information on the IDP structure, application and registration process, and deliverables.


Contact: Eva Weissenböck

Available Project Studies and IDP


Project study with sewts: Business Model & Development

The 4th industrial revolution and digitization have progressed fast in most European industries. One exception to this trend is the textile industry comprising of technical textiles, fashion or industrial laundries. For these industries to stay competitive against cheaper...[more]


IDP with Kerngedanke: Front-end Development and Cloud Infrastructure

Kerngedanke sets out to provide a platform enabling established media institutions as well as start-ups to cater to a dynamic landscape of platforms and format innovations. We’re building a SaaS offering that helps content creators and their partners to tap into the power of...[more]


IDP with TruePlay: Develop an MVP as a native App

TruePlay is a native App to connect easily people with each other to find the best sports buddies in the surrounding. With its own skill and activity system the Users can compete with their real sports results in different Statistics and Rankings. If you like sports and coding...[more]


Project study: Business Model Development for A Dynamic Pricing Platform in the Beauty Industry

Did you know that unused capacities due to spontaneous appointment cancellations and no-shows are a major problem for beauty and spa salons as well as for medical offices? In response, we are working on a dynamic pricing platform that matches spontaneously available appointments...[more]


Projektstudium mit Eventmatch: Sales und Marketing

Eventmatch bietet dir eine Vielzahl Special-Angebote wie 2-für-1 oder Freigetränken bei Bars, Restaurants und Freizeiteinrichtungen in deiner Nähe. Außerdem hast du die Möglichkeit, die Angebote mit anderen netten Leuten aus deiner Stadt wahrzunehmen. Siehe unten für mehr...[more]


IDPs with Frontend and Backend Development is the home of every gamers identity. We connect gamers across all games and platforms by enabling them to easily represent themselves and their clans. We are planning to launch a beta version of our product in early 2019. Please find more information concerning the...[more]


IDP with Ciara: Startup MVP Development

Ciara provides digital assistants that support professionals have perfect customer interactions. With easy solutions for guided phone conversations, Ciara makes its customers more productive and helps them reach their goals and develop their careers faster. Ciara is looking for...[more]


Project study with TWOSTAY: Customer Segments, Online Strategy and Go To Market

Twostay is a platform that connects flexible workers with extraordinary places to work. UX designers, journalists, or startups many times don’t have a place that gives them a good surrounding to work: working from home or in your own office makes you lonely, but co-working...[more]


Project study with Automobili Pininfarina: Development of Market Dashboard

Automobili Pininfarina is an innovative new business, creating world-class electric cars for the luxury segment. With our roots in Italy, the strong backing of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., our head office in Mu-nich and partners all around the globe we work in a truly...[more]


Projektstudium mit Stryber: Aufbau einer Content-Strategie als Teil der gesamten Wachstumsstrategie für einen Corporate Company Builder

Stryber ist ein Corporate Company Builder mit Sitz in Zürich und München sowie einem weiteren Standort in Kiew. Unsere Projekte bestehen aus einem Teil Strategieberatung und einem Teil Realisierung der zuvor erstellten Pläne. Das bedeutet, dass wir Themen validieren, Prototypen...[more]

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